Reflections    Shadows of a Thought

ACT I - Reflections

Carlos Cornel Stroia, artistic director and choreographer, created this outstanding array of dance styles for the Stroia Ballet Company so audiences may learn to appreciate the differences and similarities between classical ballet and contemporary dance. A display of classical ballet including three variations from your favorite performances such as Don Quixote, Sylvia and Paquita that will embody exuberant and breathtaking music. And a parade of contemporary dance, with pulsating music leaving audiences uplifted and charged with energy. An exceptional treat.

ACT II - Shadows of a Thought

Carlos Cornel Stroia, artistic director and choreographer, first choreographed this piece in 1987. Re-staged by Mr. Stroia in 2005 this gripping work will set you back in your seat as Un Uomo (the man), is torn between good and evil. In his struggle he encounters his evil side and the terrible minions that temporarily force him to a darker side. As Un Uomo continues to resist he tries to find his true self by engaging in a series of searches that shadow a host of various good and evil thoughts until he turns to a very strong and compelling greater power. This is totally a stunning and dynamic work.